Who am I?

Guitars are not made by chance. It is necessarily the result of a consuming passion that leaves no choice but to devote thousands of hours to it, and to spend nights finding the most elegant solutions to the problems that will never fail to arise.

I started making guitars about 15 years ago, and after five years I had acquired enough experience and confidence to be able to build Girault Guitars.

From my workshop in Evreux, Normandy, I make instruments that will be played by professional musicians as well as by demanding amateurs all over the world (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Chile...).

I decided early on to make my own shapes rather than rehash the classics, and this challenge led me to create designs with an immediately recognizable aesthetic.

From Origin to California to Louisiana, my guitars are inspired by my musical tastes, my whims of the moment, and of course, my customers' requests. Each order is unique, and each customer allows me to take a different look at my own models. And each new order is an opportunity to make my best guitar. Until the next one 

Tony Girault