The one that started it all. The name Origin is a double reference to the sublime simplicity of Leo's original electric, the Telecaster, and to the fact that this Origin shape is the first original creation of Girault Guitars, the origin of a catalog that continues to grow.

The Origin is loosely based on the Tele shape but takes it elsewhere for a unique look and absolute comfort. It's the ultimate customizable guitar, one that lends itself so gracefully to the most varied interpretations. It is relevant in metal with an EMG, in blues with two P90s, in country with a traditional Tele configuration, in rock with humbuckers, everything is possible and nothing will seem out of place.



Body: Alder, swamp ash, mahogany, korina
Neck: Maple, mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood, ebony, maple...
Socket: Bone
Pots: CTS
Selector: OAK / switchcraft
Jack: Switchcraft
Finish: Nitro varnish, PU, oil
Pickups: GIRAULT or others
Case/Cover: optional: Gator / fuselli cover

From 1600€ onwards