You wish to order a guitar

or have manufacturing informations

about a guitar of my creation or a custom modeltom

Contact me or fulfill the online quotation, I will answer to you as soon as possible or you also can directly take a rendez-vous and come to my place.

All my guitars are handmade, I personnaly choose the materials and you check each details by yourself (wood, neck profile, electronics positioning, frets…). Everything is customable indeed as the options are numerous. A brainstorm is necessary to finish a project. (phone, mail, skype, directly at my place)

I also realise simulations on computer (check out below)

  •  An advance of 500€ is necessary to start the project.
  • 3 times payments are accepted.
  •  the delivery of the guitar is feasible througout a transporter (additional charges)
  • A photo review of the manufacturing is possible
  • Case and cover are in options.

Simulation possible for models : origin, Xtrem, Louisiane, DC