Tony Girault

Becoming a guitar builder doesn’t just happen. It’s always the result of a deep passion that leaves you no other choice than to spend thousands of hours finding the most elegant solutions to problems that are bound to come your way.

I started building guitars more than ten years ago, five years before I had the experience and the know-how I needed to start Girault Guitars.

It all starts in my Evreux workshop in Normandy, France, where I build instruments that are played by pros and discerning hobbyists throughout the world (for instance, one of my guitars has been shipped to New Zealand, about 20 000 kilometers from Evreux).

Early on, I decided to created my own shapes rather than copying the classics. This sizeable challenge brought me to create models with an instantly recognizable look.

From the Origin to the California and the Louisiane, my guitars have been inspired by my musical tastes, my obsessions of the time and of course my customer’s queries. Each order is unique, and each client gives me a chance to look at my own models in a new way. And each order gives me the chance to build my best guitar yet. Until the next one!